[Video] (18+) Watch The New Nigerian “P0RN” Movie “Destructive Instinct”

Well this is the new trend turning up in the Nigerian Film industry. This is the new movie “Destructive Instinct” starring the most pr0v0cative Actress, Judith Afrocandy. This is the what Judith had to say about her role in the movie…


The movie features series of prn flicks and I guess the actress is an aspiring or already Prn Str. See the trailer below:

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6 Responses to [Video] (18+) Watch The New Nigerian “P0RN” Movie “Destructive Instinct”

  1. [...] When the pictures/Video of her new x-rated movie surfaced , 41 year old mother of 2, Judith Opara Mazagwu aka Afro Candy made it clear she has no shame and doesn’t care about the haters. [...]

  2. [...] In her most recent interview, she claimed she’ll be doing a real Indecency movie. Yes live s£x! [...]

  3. [...] The 41 year old mother of two recently released a soft p0rn movie called ‘Destructive Instinct 3 & 4‘ [...]

  4. [...] through in my life time. Mind you, I tell my daughters everything I do. I even told them about this project, the nature of it, but I could not show them because they are not up to 18 yet. I just had to [...]

  5. [...] one is called Destructive Instinct 1 & 2. The other we saw is called Destructive Instinct 3 & 4. WATCH IT [...]

  6. Lagogo says:

    Plz sum1 shuld watspp me d video of afrocandy dis ma numba +233248490709

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